Kid Creole and the Coconuts

Better late than never

2 NOVEMBER 1987 > > Mon ange, Auguste: > > I have got to tell you how . . . what's the word? For lack of a better one, happy . . . yes, how happy your music makes me. Forget that we know each other for a minute. Forget that we're friends. Just as far as August "CALLMETHEENTERTAINER" Darnell goes, you're just brilliant. Honestly. We haven't gotten a chance to talk much lately (I miss that!), so I have not yet had the chance to tell you how much I adore ITHSTW - inspiring! My grooves are worn out. Thank God yours never are. The show last night was truly wonderful. How many of your worshipping audience even realized what they saw though? The level of musicianship was downright scary and Charlie's solos are starting to be like little moments of Ben Webster or something (idea-wise, silly!). God . . . what is the show like when the stage is bigger? Uh-oh... > can't think of that! My two favorite moments: 1)your sax scream. Amazing. How could you even sing after that? Second fave episode: 2)the Endicott-tease. What a great idea! Then there was the nostalgic tone. The band introductions --- there just seemed to be a genuine sadness as if over a past era or something. I thought I was just hallucinating, but some friends who saw the show said they felt it too. Like Duke in '56, right? God, you're good. I brought my mother (who has been begging me like a little 'kid' to take her?!) and she thought you were fab as well. I also have a friend who has seen you 6-7 times across the world and he said your voice was better last night than he ever heard it before. Am I getting too drippy? I'll stop. Just know that you really are appreciated. > Margaux > > Well, well, well ...... thank you Margaux. Sorry it took so long to thank you but I only just found this letter now - it was hiding all these years in an old satchel. I hope my 'thank you' finds you in good health somewhere in the universe. I'm sure you're still in New york - you and New York - like peas in a pod! > Speaking of nostalgia - your gut reaction was amazingly correct. That was the end of an ear, for shortly after that I fled from New York and all things American and set up camp in Europe. And thus began a new chapter, a new era. And now perhaps it is time to return to my homeland and make the circle complete. Perhaps ......... > > O.B.N.O., > KC
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Reader Comments (2)

floflo 07/27/09 01:43:22 PM

Augustino, how's life?
Mine's fine.
Would you have the lyrics to Simple Mind available (you know me ;-)

Allan 10/25/09 04:46:36 PM

KC my man did you you move back to the homeland then? It's been almost a year! Listen I have a favor to ask, I'd like to dress up as KC and need a zoot suit - perhaps you have one kicking around that I could borrow? Also I only have one coconut. All help much appreciated! Your loyal fan, Allan > > W.B.N.O.B. > (waiting for "But Not Out" Bit)

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