Kid Creole and the Coconuts

New Album Coming September 13th!

Kid Creole & The Coconuts- I Wake Up Screaming (Sept. 13th on Strut Records)

I Wake Up Screaming Features Collaborations w/ Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair

Kid Creole and the Coconuts "I Wake Up Screaming"


The Tropical Gangster is back. August Darnell a.k.a. Kid Creole returns with his first studio album in over 10 years this Fall, I Wake Up Screaming, an epic new Creolian odyssey recorded for Strut at Darnell's Sweden HQ. With cover artwork echoing his love of 1940s film noir, the new album explores the vibrant mind of Darnell with a variety of themes and styles ranging from the lilting tropical love paean "Verily Verily Verily" to "Stony And Cory," echoing Darnell's early days with Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band. Mixed by Brennan Green (Chinatown Records, New York) and Lars Nissen (Denmark), the album features co-compositions and co-productions with Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair. The album will be preceded in July by the dream-like dancefloor winner, "I Do Believe," complete with mixes by Brennan Green, Faze Action, 40 Thieves and Emperor Machine.


Darnell first came to prominence during the mid-'70s in New York, forming Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band with his brother Stony Browder before producing a slew of eccentric projects for ZE Records including Cristina, Don Armando's Seventh Avenue Rumba Band and Gichy Dan, as well as sporting his trademark zoot suit and fedora for the first time for the debut recordings by Kid Creole & The Coconuts. Signing on to Chris Blackwell's Island Records and Seymour Stein's Sire imprint, Darnell would become one of the '80s' most unique and recognisable figures, scoring a brace of unforgettable chart hits mixing heavyweight tropical grooves with plenty of lyrical bite - "Stool Pigeon," "Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy," "I'm A Wonderful Thing Baby" and more.

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Jonny 06/27/11 10:03:24 AM

great news! hope there will be a live tour ...

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