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Dear Music Lovers,

To clear up an issue - I was contacted on Wednesday by an agent who asked me to join Bryan Ferry and others for a celebration in Milan. I was never told it was a political rally. I was told it was an outdoor event in the center of Milan that was free to the public. I have been involved in hundreds of such events in my life. But this one was a last-minute gig like no other: a Wednesday call for a Thursday show. I did not investigate the nature of the event. I never do. Perhaps I should start doing this in the future. My agent certainly did not inform me about the racial implications, that's for sure. The Cocos and I flew to Milan. We did 4 songs. We returned to our homes. Our performance was in no way an endorsement of any political party or ideology. We were not performing for a politician; we were performing for an audience. If we have inadvertently offended our fans we apologize for this faux pax. Had we been given more than a 24 hour notice we would have received warnings from our fans and this error in judgement could have been avoided.


Respectfully yours,


August Darnell



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