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Missing Persons Alert

CALLING ALL CREOLIANS ....... Help, the days are getting shorter ....... I'm in Sweden ...... it's 7.30 ...... There are some missing persons who used to live in Creoleville that have gone into hiding. If you know the whereabouts of any of these good people, please contact the Society for the Advancement of Alternate Systems immediately (SAAS): Jerry Brandt Roddy Caravella Michel Savoia Antonia DePortago Sharon Kusy Eric Overmyer Father Grey Jimmy Rippetoe Marc Mazur Sharon Thomas Barbara Dodge Barbara Smith Ben Chasin Pic Powell Larry Fineman Wendy Whitelaw Dwight Brewster Once I find at least 8 of these I'll list the other 3567 missing persons on my list. An excerpt from my novel (which I've been writing for 8 years; it's almost done!): A letter, addressed to Arygle. "Should I read this now and destroy my day? Or should I put it off to another day ... month ... year ....." he mused. Read it now, the voice inside his insides said, and get it over with. He knew it was going to be deep. Hi Gyle, I should've stuck to my guns; now I lose everything I was hoping for. I was hoping you would open up and let me in, and I thought you would if we continued to see each other. I wanted you to tell me without me having to initiate it. I get tired of asking and you said you needed time . . . so I thought when you were ready you would tell me. But the truth is you don't really want to share your feelings with me. You don't really love me. Argyle knew at that moment that this was a big mistake. He felt that sick feeling in his stomach reaching upwards for his throat. Why did he open this letter now? He had a party to attend. This would all but destroy his mood. And yet he continued reading . . . To you I'm some image; you don't see me. You want me at your convenience and that's no relationship. I have feelings and I won't let them be toyed with. Therefore I can no longer bare to see you. Argyle had to sit on the edge of the bed; he loosened his tie. He felt like shit. And yet he continued reading . . . I cannot be your friend, so that when you decide you want something more there's still a chance. Sorry for you. You say you don't want to hurt me but it's too late. You've hurt me too many times already. As far as another time goes, that's more bullshit! The time is now! Seize the moment. If you truly cherished me we wouldn't be apart. And nothing could ruin New York for me. I love New York. New York is New York. You or no one else can change it. As far as giving me more, all I wanted and needed was to be with you and I mean with you, not just beside you. To be with someone there must be an exchange of feelings. And lately neither of us has exchanged many feelings. There's so much to get into; but I don't have time now. I have to go to work. I've decided to go home for Christmas. I want to be with my family. I really need to be with them. So I'm leaving you, your things. I would appreciate it if you would find some way to return my Vangelis tape and the T.S. Eliot paper before I leave. I'm leaving on the 22nd. I hope your holiday is merry. Argyle removed his jacket. He wasn't going anywhere tonight. Readers beware - it's not a tragedy. it's not a comedy either. O.B.N.O. (which means = over but not out)
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Carol 06/25/09 04:52:58 PM

Regarding your missing persons alert Barbara Dodge is hiding out in Toronto these days. She talks alot about her days with Kid Creole.

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