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Summer's over?

CALLING ALL CREOLIANS, Greetings from the primaeval forest in Sweden. The summer is coming to a close. In some unfortunate places, the summer never began. Shame. People act differently when the weather is warm. Nicer. Not I. I'm nice all year round, but I must admit - I smile more when the sun is out. And that's a fact, that's a fact. The COCOS and I are off to Naples tomorrow for an Italian film festival. Lots of photo opportunities. Can't wait to see what the Nuts will be wearing. Me? Pink, of course. The summer hasn't died yet. The gig in Dublin last week was brilliant. The sun appeared for us and us only. All others faced an amazing downpour. But the week before that we weren't so lucky; we were 10 minutes into our set (the bridge of I'M A WONDERFUL THING, BABY) and every cloud in the universe released its full contents. The music-lovers were not bothered. Bless them. Hundreds of umbrellas popped open and the party continued. That was Ascot. I love music, as well you know, but I must confess - there is no group or singer in the world that I would stand in the rain for. I love my hats and my shoes and my clothes too much. Shameful. After Naples it's back in the studio for us. We have 2 albums coming out next year. One, aptly entitled CREOLISM - THE FIRST 30 YEARS and another called STONY'S BROOK (dedicated to my brother and my mentor). So a lot of work has to be done. Teasers of the tracks will be on-line from time to time. By the way, my lady (the pulchritudinous Gemsicola) and I had our holiday in a place called FORTE VILLAGE in Sardegna. Fascinating place. I suggest you put it on your 'ten-things-I-must-do-before-I-go-to Hades' list. Ask for a gentleman named Enzo when you get there. He'll take good care of you. Well, it's time to turn on TCM now and watch a good ol' classic ... yes, they even have TCM in Scandinavia. After that I'll turn on CNN - I heard a rumor that history was being made in the USA ....... I'm really curious ..... what could that mean? I thought America had done everything possible already ........ what could be so new .... so different ..... what on earth could have made my good buddy from New York (BEN) call me in such an excited, frantic manner ..... literally shouting down the line "oh lord - history is being made in my country .... turn on CNN!!!!" I didn't believe him so I didn't turn on CNN. But now someone else has called me and said the same thing. I'm really curious ..... but first ......... first comes CAGNEY and BOGART in a classic on TCM.
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Phil 03/05/09 02:12:54 PM

Apart from a whole bunch of albums (from Fresh Fruit and onwards), I have the Best of.. collection too which I'm listening to right now. That prompted me to take a quick look on the net where I quickly found your site.
I read your blog which was fun as I'm a Brit from London living in Sweden. Really glad to see you're still hard at work making music and enjoying life.
Great stuff!

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