Kid Creole and the Coconuts

Summer is here!

MUSIC LOVERS of all tribes and tribulations:
The summer is upon us and we're feeling mighty.
Looking forward to seeing you at the festivals and parties in the mighty sunshine soon.
OH WHAT A NIGHT had a great run in Liverpool last week. Got to see my sons, Lord A., Dario and Wesley. They're progressing in leaps and bounds with their musical creations - but it will take more than leaps and bounds for them to eclipse my profound largeness. Nevertheless, I am extremely proud of them.
Also got to see Sister Steph and Sister Helen - looking good.
Liverpool is a wondrous city full of character and characters. Love it.
Hangin in Suffolk now with my lady, the magnificent Gemsicola. Off to Southhampton on Tuesday for more disco madness. See you there.
Love and happiness,
The Kid aka Brutus T. Firefly (until August 3rd)

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Fox 03/05/09 02:12:54 PM

Hi There,
It was great to see you and the gang in Bristol at the Hippodrome, a fantastic Saturday afternoon was had by all. Those hen parties eh ?!...thought they might even take to the stage at one point ( I think they had designs on someones towel !! ).
Many thanks for taking the time to record some of your thoughts on this site. It's good for the troops to hear from their leader.
Going Places CD is a cracker....but might we see a new Kid Creole studio album in the near future ?. It's been....7 years...since Conga... going cold turkey here!!.
Good luck with the rest of the tour
All The Best

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