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Hello music lovers, 2007 = the 25th anniversary of my beloved band, KID CREOLE and the COCOUTS. 25 years . . . and I'm still a Kid! We have miraculously managed to survive the coming and going of many varied musical styles and trends and production techniques. Welcome to the Lifeboat Party, child. Of all our accomplishments in the last 25 years (the gold and platinum albums, the hit singles, the sell-out-record-breaking concerts, the very special private show for Princess Diana, the movie soundtracks, the acting roles, our very own television musical for Granada TV in England, the collaborations with Prince and Barry Manilow and U2 and others, working with Francis Ford Coppola and Sofia Coppola, the British Music Industry Best International Act honour and the numerous citations and awards) the thing I am most proud of is the LIVE SHOW! Described by a New York critic, a long time ago, as the "greatest show on earth after the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey - a very close second!" it is still a joy to behold, if I must say so myself. Modesty has never been my tragic flaw! I am as proud of the current line-up of musicians and singers and dancers as I was of the original line-up (the only original member still standing alongside the Kid is the inimitable Bongo Eddie - percussionist/comic foil/eternal contender for the throne).

The rhythm section (all from Denmark) is comprised of Thomas Andersson on guitar, Mikkel Damgaard on keys, Claes Antonsen on drums, Christian Danstrom on bass. The scrumptious Coconuts (all from England) are Eva Tudor-Jones, Louise Peaple and Gemma Cousins. The Pond Life Horns (from all over the world): Chris Storr on trumpet, Barnaby Dickensen on trombone and Edgar Jones on saxophone.  And of course, the co-star supreme, Bongo Eddie.

That band, plus my P.A. (PERSONAL ASSISTANT), Janet Orme, who has been with me for over 22 years (yes, she's as crazy as I am) is what makes me stand tall and gives me that twinkle in my eyes, even now on our silver anniversary!

In 2007 we will do over 200 shows all over the world celebrating our survival in a fickle business called MUSIC! The cities we have chosen to play are the cities that helped launch us to international fame and fortune: London, Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast, Liverpool, Paris,  Geneva, Stutgart, Zurich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin, Hamburg, Tokyo, Rome, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Madrid, Barcelona, ..................

The first time we played many of these cities was in 1982! The adoring fans gave us the inspiration and the impetus to continue. We owe them this token of of gratitude and appreciation - another mighty show to blow their minds yet again. We love our fans - their loyalty through the years (lean and fat) has been touching - deep and profound and most imprtantly energizing!

Even while the tour is going on we will be recording our 20th album, called BOGOTA AFFAIR (5 years in the making!) and producing an act called SON-OF-KONG (their album, called I.V. LEAGUE will be available in the spring; it is co-produced by original Creolian songwriter/keyboard wizard Peter Schott). After a long, much-needed vacation off the coast of me, we will begin production on the COCONUTS SOLO ALBUM , tentatively called JAILBAIT. And oh, by the way, this year you can also catch our documentary, written and produced by the original MAMA COCONUT, Adriana Kaegi as well as view the live show, filmed at London's JAZZ CAFE, on line


Oh what a world! I'm glad I'm a survivor. And I'm glad you still enjoy the music. That makes me smile and tip my fedora and do a little slide in my two-toned shoes!



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Reader Comments (2)

John 03/05/09 02:12:54 PM

yo kid, it's the one and only Johnny A from Philly Elaine's husband.
We send our love You are missed. Why have you abandoned us and stopped touring on the East coast. My Nieces ask for you all the time
Ashley will be 21 this month. Smart and beautiful. Ariele just turned 17 tall and beautiful. They still have your autographed pixs in their rooms.
A day does not go by when I don't lsten to some KC&C. Drop me a line to my e mail Put something in the email so I know it's you send contact info and I'll send mine. Say hell to Eddie and the Cocco's.
Hope to hear from you

Steve 06/20/09 06:33:02 PM

Saw the band at Newmarket Races last night (June 19th, 2009) and you guys stole the show.
Our 21 year old daughter and her boyfriend knew none of the bands and they commented how much better you were than anything else on the bill!
Great performance - got me and my lady movin' and those Coconuts are as hot as ever!
Keep up the good work!

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